What’s the Longest Zipline in the World? Fastest? Tallest?

What’s the Longest Zipline in the World? Fastest? Tallest?

Zip lining is one of the great adventurous sports for enjoying in the mountains. These days, the majority of people are going for the zip lining tour in different places, and they prefer to go in the rainy season and the winters. You can go for the tour in various places such as going for the world largest, longest, and the highest ziplines.

Zip lining will be best for you to spend your time in the mountains and high cliffs. The zip line was designed back in BC, and it was made for the means of transport. Therefore, it becomes a sport for enjoying the tour from the heights. A zip wire consists of various pulleys which are suspended on the cable, and they can accommodate a weight up to 150 kg. There are several types of ziplines, and they are basic ziplines, level two, and three ziplines.

If you want to go to the world’s best ziplines, then you need to consider these top places where you will enjoy and have the best experience of life. Let us discuss these places and how you can reach there.

What’s the longest zipline in the world?

Jebel Jais flight was opened in 2018, and it holds the record of the world’s longest zipline in the world. It is situated in the Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, and there are two companies who created this longest zipline. The name of the companies is Toroverde and Ras Al Khaimah Development Company.

The recorded length of the Jebel jais flight is around 1.75 miles and when the officials of the Guinness world record certified it to be the world’s longest zipline and on the same day it gained an attraction to the public. The rider will gain the maximum speed of 95mph and you have to pay 177 dollars for the ride.

Things you need to consider before going for the Jebel jais flight

  • Guts

You don’t need any experience before you go for the zip lining but you need to have guts! If you are on this page you most likely have it!

  • Age and weight

Your age should lie between 12 and 60 years, and the range of weight lies between 50 to 100 kg. Consult the company to see what the weight limit is.

  • Safety

Before you go for the ride, the experts will give you the safety equipment, and the safety measures which will be provided to you are a backpack with a water bottle, helmet, and safety kit.

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses

You need sunglasses and sunscreen for the zip lining tour as it will protect your body from getting sunburn. It will also be good so there isn’t wind in your face. Be sure it doesn’t fall off when you zip line! Consider a strap for your glasses.

  • Booking a trip

You can go online for booking a ride for the Jebel jais, and if you don’t want to book it online, then you can directly go to that place for the ride.

What is the fastest zipline in the world?

Zip World velocity is the fastest zipline in the world, and it is located in Bethesda. It is recorded as the longest zipline in Europe. You will fly down with a maximum speed of 100mph, and it is suspended at a height of 500 feet. If you have ridden this zipline, then you may have noticed the mountains of Wales with amazing views.

It was started in 2013, and last week there was a grand opening of the new adventurous park. The best time for going to the zip world is after 11 AM and before 6 PM.

Things you need to consider before going to Zip World

There are several things you need to consider before going for the zip world, and they are,

  • Weight

The most important thing you need to learn is that your weight is not lower than 30kg and not higher than 120kg. If your weight does lie in between this range, then you will be not allowed to enjoy the ride.

  • Height

Your height must lie between the 4 to 7 feet, and if it lies in this range, then you can enjoy the ride.

  • Age

Your age should not be less than ten years, and if your age lies between 10-17 years, then you need to come with an adult as the authority will not be allowed to go for the ride.

What is the highest zipline in the world?

The world highest zipline is located in Puerto Rico, and it has a maximum height of 900 feet. The name of the zipline is Toro Verde. You will love to visit the place as it is built in between the mountains. The greenery of the place is so amazing that anyone can fall for it.

When you go for the ride, you need to bring a raincoat with you; sometimes the monsoons is not good in that place and try to read all the instructions carefully before going for it.

Things you need to consider before going for the Toro Verde

When you are going for the Toro Verde, then you need to look for important things such as,

  • Age 

Your age must be greater than 15 years, and you need to listen to the instructors carefully.

  • Outfits

It is the most important thing you need to consider because the best wearable will prevent your body from getting cold and other problems. You can bring a raincoat, hiking shoes, and sunscreen before going for the zip lining tour.

  • Time

The best time for visiting the place is in the springs, and it is up to you that which time you are going riding the zipline.

  • Weight 

You weigh must be greater than 45 kg and less than 100 kg, and if your weight does not lie in between the range, then you are not eligible for the ride.


Zip lining will be the best thing you can do in your holidays, and if you go for these places, then you will feel amazing but try to read all the safety measures before going for the ride.

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