How to Take Pictures While Zip Lining?

How to Take Pictures While Zip Lining?

Zip lining is a beautiful experience you will never forget, and it’s not only about flying in the air at speeds more than 20 miles per hour. It is to enjoy the unique and beautiful destinations around the world. You will see various types of plants and the life of animals at that place, and you will want to be able to take pictures while zip lining!

It could be even better when you capture the moment in videos and photos. When you reach the destination, then you may notice that everyone is on the mission of capturing the perfect action videos and pictures for sharing it with their friends and family. Ziplining will present some of the challenges for clicking unique images.

If you are looking to capture all the moments in your mobile or camera, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss the fantastic tips and tricks for clicking the perfect actions photos. You don’t have to worry as all the tips are based on our experiences and you need to read the entire article for learning the amazing tricks for clicking perfect timed photos and videos.

Asking someone to take your photo

If you don’t know how you can make your picture while zip lining then you can ask someone to take your picture. You can go for the zipline team members for clicking it, and it will be best for you as selfies are not right all the time. 

You can hand off the phone to your friend or family member and the guide. The best option for you to go for the guide as they are professional in clicking the photos and you can have different pose for having excellent images.

Striking a unique pose

Some of the members of the ziplines offer you to do zip lining with free hands as you don’t have to hold something while riding. You need to make a unique pose to have the best photo, and it is important for you to pose like a king to make sure that you are enjoying the ride.

It will take time to make a great pose, and if you don’t know what you can pose, then you can extend your limbs and give a big smile. The important thing you need to consider is to try to make a natural face.

Going for the Go pro

The best thing you can do is to have the go pro cameras as it will capture the moment. The camera will stick on the strap of the helmet which will give you relief for enjoying the ride. The great part is that it will capture the moment in videos and audio format.

You can bring go pro camera with you, and you can also take it on the rent at that place. Majority of people go for the go pro camera as it is safe and you will be able to enjoy the tour comfortably.

Using the burst mode in the phone

You can sue the burst mode in the phone for capturing a lot of photos in a row, and it will be great for you as you don’t need to take help from anyone. You will find the mode in most of the phones, and you need to use the shutter button for clicking the photos in a row in a matter of time.

The burst mode is great for the adventures like zip lining, and it will eliminate the chance of getting the worst photo as you will have a collection of pictures and you can select and delete any of them.

Utilizing video

You can hold the phone or camera in your hands and then start the video recording. You may be thinking that why it is necessary as some of the phones allow its user to capture a photo during video recording.

You will find various platforms in which you will have the time for clicking the photos and shooting videos. Video recording will be best for you as it eliminates the chances of having the still pictures. You need to do it carefully and you should have a wrist strap to prevent accidental drops.

Hiring a professional photographer

If money is not the issue, then you can go for hiring a professional photographer, and it will be safe for you. You don’t want to interrupt yourself while zip lining and an expert will help you to get the perfectly timed photos. In my opinion, if you are new to the zip lining, then you must hire a professional photographer, and it will be the safest method for clicking photos.

You don’t have to worry as you will find several professionals at the site and they will give you the photo and video in the form of the hard copy, and you can also demand to have the soft copy.

Selfie stick

You can go for clicking the photos with the help of the selfie stick, and it is recommended for you to know that it is not for the beginners, and if you are professional, then you can consider going for this method. 

It is a great option for having perfectly timed photos and videos as it will provide comfort while clicking.


There are several ziplines which are designed in such a way that they allow you to click the photos safely. It means that you can ask your friend and family member for clicking the images and it will be the safest method for the clicking the photos, and if you come alone, then you can go for the go pro camera. If you don’t want to make your trip full of worst experiences, then you need to for these methods.


These all are the important methods for clicking photos, and you need to follow them carefully. In my opinion, you need to go for the teamwork or go pro camera for clicking photos as they are the safest methods for clicking pictures.

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