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One of the most popular zip lines on the market is the Alien Flier zip series. These zip line kits are convenient because they come with everything needed to quickly set up a backyard zip line in minutes. As I’m sure you’re aware a quality zip line kit is essential in maintaining the safety and satisfaction of the rider. In this blog I will explore the pros and cons of the Alien Flier Series.

The Alien Flier Zip Line Kits come in a array of different sizes. Their shortest zip line starts at 75′ while their longest zip line boats an impressive 200′. They also come with different seating attachments, they offer the disc seat, the flexi seat, and a harness style seat. There is also a cable free series that comes with only the necessary equipment to ride a zip line (the trolley, seat, tow rope, and stopping block). These kits are for consumers who choose to buy their cable separately, most of the time because they have an odd distance between trees or anchoring posts but want the convenience of buying the whole cable free kit as opposed to selecting parts individually.

Alien Flier has also made a name for themselves because they developed the X2 Trolley system which is unlike any other trolley before its time. The X2 trolley is able to pop easily off of the cable line by simply pulling the trolley handles up and twisting them. This was a breakthrough in the zip line world because previously to change out a trolley the cable would need to be taken down from the anchor, the trolley would be slid on, and then the cable would have to go through the tightening and adjustment process. It was fairly inconvenient and left the possibilities for different attachments minute. 

Another new development was the X2 Speed trigger, it is essentially a manual deceleration system that allows the rider to adjust his or her speed while riding the zip line. This is especially beneficial for children because it eases the anxiety of having a loss of control on the ride. There is also a secondary braking system (as you should always have with a zip line) which is a stop block. To learn more about braking systems click here.

Let’s take a look at one of the most popular kits, the Alien Flier H2-H200 200 foot zip line kit. This kit is popular because not only is it the longest cable that they sell, but it also includes the harness.  In totality I will give you a breakdown of exactly what this kit comes with. It includes:
X2 trolley with the built in X2 speed trigger
Pop N’ Snap Harness Adapter 
(which allows for easy interchangeability between seats)
fully adjustable harness which adjusts to both adults and children up to 275 pounds, 
The Safety Stop Block 
(the secondary braking system)
A Tow Rope 
(to guide your trolley back to the starting point)
200′ EZUp Cable Kit. 
(The EZUp kit accommodates trees up to 6 feet around)

If you’re interested in purchasing a zip line kit from the Alien Flier Series go to Zip Line Stop at!

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