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Top 3 Safest Zip Line Braking Methods

You're in the market for a zip line for the backyard and you think it'll be so much fun, but wait... is it safe? How do I or my children properly brake? Here at The Zip Line Blog we will be explaining the top 3 ways to safely brake.

1. Bungee Brake
By far the most popular and safest method of braking is using a Brake Block with a Bungee. How it works is a Brake Block is installed at the end of the zip line with a Bungee Cord attached perpendicular to the zip line and mounted to a tree or rock. Once the rider hits the Brake Block on the zip line the block will be pushed but the rider's momentum is absorbed by the Bungee Cord therefore slowing the rider safely and smoothly. Here are a few pictures/videos of it in action!

2. Spring Brake
Next up is a Spring Brake. This method is the easiest to install and understand. It involves a heavy duty Spring Coil that is absorbs impact from a rider and pushes the rider back out. A Spring Brake is often used in conjunction with a Stop Blo…

Gravity Canyon

I searched all over the web for information on the world's fastest zip line and what I found was the Gravity Canyon which is in Taihape, New Zealand. I believe they are now closed due to the extreme nature of their zero gravity near free fall on a zip line, but here is a clip from a riders point of view on the zip line ride.

If you think it looks terrifying, it absolutely is. They also offer bungee jumping, which I'm definitely not a fan of. I feel like bungee jumping is the ultimate Teter Hang Up experience. Stretch out every one of those vertebrae, maybe add a few inches to your height. Although Gravity Canyon used to be super popular, it seems to have slowed to a halt because it's now showing closed - but it really was one of the fastest zip line in the world in it's hay day.


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